Initial Rambles aka What the F$%K Am I Doing Here?


Welcome, myself, to blogging: the twitter for people who can’t stick to a character limit. Wait, is there a character limit?! Anyway, as the title suggests, I’m going to tell you what is on my mind and what I’m doing here. If you must know, what’s on my mind is a recurring loop of ‘Oh God I need to graduate and get out of this place’ (re: my university where I’m struggling through graduate school).

Now to tackle the second and much more interesting question, what the fuck am I doing here? Well, first we need to define what I mean by ‘here’; is it here as in this somewhat uncomfortable chair I’m sitting in? ‘Here’ as in the doctoral program I started 5 years ago because I was young and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life? Or ‘here’ as in this website (which is not really a place, unless you consider a website/app/whatever to be a place…wow I’m just realizing that the internet has really redefined the meaning of ‘being somewhere’ if we can occupy both a physical place but also a virtual place simultaneous and maybe soon we’ll be occupying a whole new definition of virtual place with the inevitable consumption of VR and who’s to say that that’s not as valid as occupying an actual physical place that our brains aren’t paying attention to anyway because we’re so consumed by the virtual space that we occupy? Although I guess the same can be said when reading a good book…so never mind)?

Anyway, getting back on track here, to put it simply I’m here to challenge myself to write something. Every. Single. Day. Like daily vlogging except infinitely more quiet – oh shit, I guess that’s daily blogging. I will include the occasional photography because I like that too. Basically I’ve had my proverbial soul crushed by the experience of grad school and this is how I’m going to get it back – by forcing myself to do the things I love every day because otherwise I’ll never do them. Each day will be something different but will likely be a short article related to science (I have a BSc in Chemistry and am nearing the end of a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry so I think about science a lot), technology (I like tech things), books (I am addicted to reading), motivation (because I hate reading/consuming negative content) and honestly whatever else I fucking want to write about.

I’m counting this as Day 1 but I promise Day 2 will be marginally more interesting. Please let me know (a) if you are reading this, and (b) what you’re interested in – I love learning and writing about new things.


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