Goal Setting and Actually Getting There

DSC_0209The number one reason that you won’t achieve your goals is because you won’t ever start. The number two reason is that you won’t finish.*

*Note: I have no official statistics on this – it’s just a catchy line

Everyone talks about ‘How To Start’ – as if just starting something means that you’ll do the seriously hard work that needs to be done to finish a major project. While this may be true if your goal is to start eating more cake, (trust me, in this case all you need to do is start…) for the loftier goals – literally anything else – it’s going to take more than that.

It’s so easy to work on a project when it’s new and exciting. It’s so easy to be motivated when you haven’t faced any failure yet, when you only need to do a few hours of work, when you’re just getting things set up and planning. The hard part comes when you get home from work exhausted and then – “oh yeah that project I started…I don’t have time for that right now. I can work on it tomorrow” becomes the new mantra.

How many of you know what it takes to ACTUALLY finish something? To ACTUALLY see it through to the end? How many people have started a blog or a website only to abandon it when no one is reading and ‘real life’ takes over? Certainly I can raise my hand for that one. “But they said all I have to do is start!” Well that’s a fucking lie.

The good news is that in my experience if you fall into the category of people who feel they just need to do something, then there will come a time where you will start again. The motivation will come back. Just stop waiting around for the project that ‘sticks’, and finish whatever it is your doing right now. There are no epiphanies, there are no moments of clarity, there are no ‘this was meant to be’ projects; there is only hard work and finishing what you start.

We need to start being ok with the small, micro failures because they are going to fucking happen. If you can only move forward and work hard when things are going well, I promise you it will be a macro failure and you will never get to where you want to be.

So for everyone who has started something and the motivation is waning – DON’T FUCKING STOP. Just Finish This One Thing. And then start again.

Do you find starting a project to be easier than finishing one? What do you think is the hardest part in achieving your goals? Leave a comment if you’re at the beginning or the end of a project!


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