We Are So Smart. And yet we fuck literally everything up.

DSC_0095.jpgHumans are smart. Like, really smart. We just are.

 We’ve figured out how to fly, not just across the world but to go to goddamn SPACE. We’ve created mathematical models that accurately describe a huge number of seemingly random natural phenomena, and we are pretty good at predicting what’s going to happen to our planet. We have models to describe the atoms and particles that make up the atoms that fit pretty well with experimental observations. We know how to manipulate these atoms and properties of these atoms to create new effects, generate things that are not observed naturally. We’ve come so far with medical science that when we make poor life choices and destroy our bodies we can successfully replace parts AND SURVIVE. Insane.

We have come so far, even only in the past century. The fact that you are even on this website right now, reading something that some random person across the world wrote is pretty amazing.

And yet, we destroy literally everything.

We’ve figured out secrets of the universe but we are SO easily tricked by politicians and businesses that very clearly only have their own best interests in mind. We have, knowingly, destroyed the environment almost to the point of no return, and yet can’t manage to make any meaningful changes.

We seriously need to ‘human up’ – because for how intelligent and creative and innovative we are – we really fucking suck.

Is there something you wish you could give the human race a good ass-kicking for? Do you think we are overall good or awful or somewhere in between?


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