The Plight of Perpetual Disinterest (Advice Welcome)


I’ve had so many different hobbies as an adult and I’m only 27. Writing. Books. Guitar. Dance. Yoga. Writing. Gym. Running. Photography. Writing. And that’s not an exhaustive list. I love learning how to do something new and just becoming completely obsessed with it. It’s just how I work. I love immersing myself in a topic – consuming books, blogs, YouTube videos – any content related to my hobby that exists will be undoubtedly consumed. But how do you know if something is a passing phase or if it’s a lifelong love? At the beginning of a new hobby I will tell myself ‘I’ll NEVER stop loving to do this’ but then the inevitable day comes when a new interest has taken its place, and the desire to obsess about the new thing overpowers any lingering attachment to the old.

The good news is that when it’s a hobby, it doesn’t really matter. The bad news is that my tendency to jump from one thing to another is limited not only to my hobbies. When it’s your career…well…that’s a different story. And the thing that is terrifying is that I am well aware that eventually I will have to just choose something. But how do you choose?!

Is it the thing I most often find myself coming back to despite periods of disinterest? Or is it something that combines the largest number of my various ideas over the years? Or am I supposed to just pick any random thing I land on because I’m going to get sick of whatever it is eventually anyway.

I wish I had the answer. I wish I had a great punchline that was something insightful and helpful and motivational, but I seriously just have no fucking idea how you’re supposed to figure out what to do with your life.

So if you have any idea at all…let me know. All suggestions welcome.

How did you settle on an ultimate career goal? Was it obvious from the beginning or did it take years of trial and error to land on something good?


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