Creating Positive Habits to Increase Productivity


We have a tendency to think of habits as a bad thing. I drink too much coffee, I don’t get enough sleep, I eat chocolate every morning before breakfast (just me?).

But although we know that not all habits are bad, we tend not to think about goals and career aspirations in terms of creating habits that get us there. Or at least I didn’t.

The beauty of a habit is that you are more likely to continue it regardless of whether or not you are acutely motivated. The same way I trudge towards the coffee machine every morning without actually thinking about it, you can sit down and do something productive without needing to have or find a strong motivation to do so.

So how do you form a habit? It’s really easy.

Do it every day. 

Seriously – every single day. In my experience a once or week or every other day never really works because it gives you those ‘days off’ that make it all too easy to abandon the habit altogether. Doing something every day is a pretty quick way to make sure that you actually create a habit that’s going to stick.

One example? I decided a couple months ago that I wanted to improve my photography, so I started posting a photo twice a day on Instagram, every day. In a few months it is not only become so second nature that I don’t struggle to do it everyday, but doing it consistently has caused me to take far more photos than I would have otherwise and I can already see the improvement in my work.

Really, all it takes is the decision to start doing something consistently. The first week or two might be a struggle, and some days will be harder than others, but I promise you – it really works.

Leave a response below with any good habits you are trying to form/have formed in your life.


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