Why You Won’t Ever Run Out of Ideas

DSC_0418When I first started writing and taking photos I had the same weird collection of feelings: excitement, confidence, and terror. Excitement because I love creating new things and sharing them, confidence because I believe in what I’m doing, and terror because I was worried that this was the last great idea I would ever have, and I was wasting it on something imperfect.

If you are a writer, photographer, videographer, artist- really anything where you are creating something – you probably have experienced the feeling of:

‘I really like this idea, but I should wait until it’s perfect to put it out there’.

I certainly have.

That feeling that if you just worked on it a little longer it would just be perfect, or if you just waited for the perfect time to release it more people would be able to enjoy it. And while yes, those things may be true, the reality is that it’s ok to let it go and put it out there because YOU WILL HAVE MORE IDEAS.

 Maybe it’s because I’m at the beginning of my career journey, but I often worry that I’m having my last good idea, and if I don’t capitalize on this one, that’ll be it for me. But then the next day or next week comes around and there’s always another idea. Especially if you are doing something every day you’ll be amazed to find that there is always more inspiration around the corner and you WILL have better ideas, and you WILL have perfect timing, and people WILL start to see what you’re doing.

 So don’t be held back by the worry that this isn’t the perfect article to submit to that publication, or that this isn’t the perfect photo to post; there will always be others. That’s the beauty of being a creator.

Have you ever experienced this fear of running out of ideas? Or the worry that you are wasting your best idea? Respond below!


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