Day 4: So About that Giant-Ass Iceberg…

DSC_0414In case you haven’t been paying attention to anything but Kid Rock potentially running for Senate — seriously what the actual fuck — a giant-ass chunk of ice detached from the Antarctic Peninsula yesterday. And when I say “giant-ass” I mean like PEI-sized (approximately 6000 km squared) giant that weighs a trillion tons.

It’s certainly troubling to say the least.

Whether or not this is a direct result of human-caused fuckery (i.e. our obsession with fossil fuels and general destruction of the environment), it is almost certainly a sign of an increase in future ice breakage, which is definitely bad. Further breakage of the ice shelf from which the latest culprit came (known to friends and family as Larsen C) would have a huge impact on sea-level rise — meaning disaster time.

Two smaller, more northern ice shelves on the peninsula, Larsen A and Larsen B, broke free in 1995 and 2002 respectively, so this certainly isn’t the first chunk of ice to go. Larsen C is, however, considerably larger, and scientists believe that the recent rift is only the beginning of the potential breakdown of the enormous (44,200 square km) Larsen C shelf, a process that will most certainly cause increased sea-levels (again — bad.).

So what can we do?

Well, while it’s true that this may not have been directly a result of human-caused global warming, it’s certainly a motivation to reduce temperature increases that will cause any further melting.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts — whatever they may be.


5 thoughts on “Day 4: So About that Giant-Ass Iceberg…

  1. Oh god, Kid rock is running for Senate? Thats.Just.Great. So I read the other day that all these pre-historic virus’s that were trapped in the now melted permafrost are up and about. May Kid Rock be the first to die of Dino-AIDS.

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    1. I don’t think anything is confirmed yet and could just be a publicity stunt but I really wouldn’t be surprised at this point. And hahaha while I typically don’t like to wish death upon people I must admit that the Dino-AIDS solution would be wonderfully convenient 😉

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  2. Thanks – I am suddenly motivated to learn how to swim like a total boss. Will it be cold? Like do I need to think about purchasing a wetsuit suitable for arctic conditions? And fuck Kid Rock. He and Nugent will surely be on the ballot together in 2020 running a campaign titled ‘Make Us Relevant Again.’ What in the actual fuck IS RIGHT?! OMG! Love your blog!

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    1. Hmm yeah it probably wouldn’t hurt to become a super badass swimmer – although I doubt it will be that cold with all the global warming and such. But wetsuits seem cool and versatile so I’d say go ahead and purchase one.

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